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Room 2.16A, Wijnhaven Building, The Hague

BOLD Talks

Breaking the Cycle: an Inclusive School Environment Outside the Classroom for Adolescents with ASD
Prof. Dr. Carolien Rieffe
Leiden University 



Abstract. The project 'Breaking the cycle: an inclusive school environment outside the classroom for adolescents with ASD' has been awarded a NWO grant. The central aim is to create an inclusive school setting with and for adolescents with autism during their unstructured leisure time at school, thus increasing the quality and quantity of social participation with their peers. School leisure time is where ‘it happens’ for most adolescents: at the  school yard, in the cafeteria, in the hallway. During their breaks in school, teenagers meet, have friendships, fall in love. This break time is most important to learn the skills that also prepare them for later life. Thus, adolescents need to make the necessary (social) strides to become emotionally and socially competent. Most adolescents with autism miss this important learning opportunity, because they have difficulties joining their peers during their leisure time at school. The project focuses on creating and implementing an inclusive environment, by analysing and adapting the physical (built), social, and cultural environment at schools outside the classroom. Prof. Rieffe will present the approach and goals of the project, as well as results from precedent research on deaf and hard of hearing children in primary schools.

About. Dr. Carolien Rieffe is a professor by special appointment in the unit Developmental and Educational Psychology of the Institute of Psychology at Leiden University. Her subject is social and emotional development, with emphasis on vulnerable youth, including the deaf and hard of hearing, the autistic and children with specific language impairments.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances this BOLD TALK is cancelled.
Apologies for the inconvenience.