Erasmus Data Summit 2020: Impact of AI on Society

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Join the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics' Annual Erasmus Data Summit 2020 Impact of AI on Society on Wednesday 8 July, 15.00 – 18.00 hrs. (CET). This year’s summit will be held fully online due to COVID-19 related restrictions. You can register for free on Eventbrite.

Impact of AI on society
COVID-19 has brought the world to stand still and has had a major impact on society. During the crisis, we observed how exponential technologies are used towards the benefit of society, and if not regulated properly, can lead to severe negative outcomes as well. This is true for AI as well. Therefore, the theme of this year’s summit is Impact of AI on Society and throughout the session, we shall explore the topic of AI and its impact through multi-disciplinary lenses, both optimistic and cautious.

Outstanding speakers
We have gathered an outstanding list of speakers to share their insights with you. The event consists of a plenary part followed by 5 tracks of breakout sessions where our academic directors share their insights. Our keynote speakers are Frans Muller, President & Chief Executive Officer at Ahold Delhaize and Hans-Aloys Wischmann, Program Manager AI at Philips.

Programme 8 July
Plenary session 15.00 – 16.20
Breakout sessions 16.25 – 17.25
Plenary closing session 17.30 – 18.00

Tracks to choose from
Track A: Accountability & Legality in AI
Track B: Combatting COVID-19 with AI
Track C: Systemic Impact of AI
Track D: Business Value of AI
Track E: Social and Psychological Implications of AI

Download the full program brochure or visit the Erasmus Data Summit website