Studio Erasmus with Claartje ter Hoeven

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Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg (Schouwburgplein 25, 3012 CL Rotterdam)

What are your rights if your boss is an algorithm? On November 29, BOLD Cities' board member Claartje ter Hoeven will join Studio Erasmus to talk about the elusiveness of the ever-expanding platform economy, the well-being of ghost workers, the working conditions of speed cameras and the consequences of living in the cloud. Should we put a stop to capitalism here?

In the further programme,: Josanna van Dongen and Carmen Sergiou on brain stimulation as a solution to aggressiveness in criminals, Gijs van Oenen about culture wars and Gijs Custers about the National Programme Rotterdam Zuid (NPRZ). 

Entry is free, a reservation is recommended. 

Studio Erasmus is a organised by Erasmus University, in collaboration with Studium Generale, Vers Beton and Theater Rotterdam. Talkshow host: Geert Maarse.