Erasmus Alumni Talk: Smart City (Rotterdam)

Start date
End date
BIRD Rotterdam


19.00 | Walk-in with bubbles

19:30 | Start program Frank Vieveen - Program Manager Smart City & Digital Economy

20:00 | Triple interview about the Future of Cities with Cor Rademaker | CEO Strateq | Jiska Engelbert | Strategic Director BOLD Cities & Frank Vieveen

20:45 | New Year's (network) drinks with live music

22:30 | End

The future is 'Smart'. You probably have a smartphone in your pocket and maybe a smart TV, smart fridge or a smart thermostat in your home. If you are even further ahead, you may have a smart system that controls your home and learns from you to make everything around you run as smoothly as possible. A lot is already possible to ensure that your home suits you better and better. This is also happening more and more in cities.

In what ways is a city like Rotterdam already smart, already digital? How does Rotterdam compare to other cities worldwide? And what will smart cities look like in the future? Interesting, because there are all kinds of dangers involved in digitizing cities - but also a lot of opportunities. For example, to ensure that cities meet people's needs as closely as possible.

Frank Vieveen, Cor Rademaker and BOLD Cities' strategic director dr. Jiska Engelbert will discuss these questions during the first Alumni Talk organised by the Erasmus Alumni Club.