BOLD online lunch talk: What data do you leave behind online (and how can you donate your data for a good cause)?

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If you work at Delft University of Technology you might have seen it already: the Dataslip machine of PhD researcher Alejandra Gómez Ortega.

The machine makes people aware of the digital data about themselves that they leave behind every day. It could be when they use their smartphone, buy groceries, or travel by public transport. By answering a series of questions, users see what kinds of information are kept on them. They can then print it out, resulting in a (mostly very long) data slip.

Alejandra Gomez is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Alejandra is currently working on Designerly Data Donation, a participatory approach to data collection in the wild. Through her research, Alejandra aims to facilitate access to data for designers, in addition to empowering people to exercise control over their personal data.

In this online BOLD lunch talk, Alejandra will tell us more about her machine, the research behind it & why data donation is important.

If you want to read something about Alejandra’s research already, you can do so here: This researcher is showing what data you leave behind (


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