Aligning Public Tech Unconference (The Hague)

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Provinciehuis Den Haag, Zuid-Hollandplein 1, The Hague

Code for NL is the Dutch community of people who work together on a fair and inclusive digital government and society. Our goal is the successful digital transformation of government and society as a whole. Open collaboration in line with public values ​​is central to this.

Code for NL originated from Waag Futurelab and governing partner of the international Code for All network.

We see that there are many initiatives, projects and organizations within and outside the government that work on goals that fall under the heading of Public Tech. We believe there are opportunities to collaborate more strategically with each other so that we can better achieve our goals. That is why we want to get to know people, initiatives and organizations better in an open unconference setting, to see how we can collaborate on content.

What is Public Tech
Public Tech is (open) technology in which public values, such as privacy, autonomy and transparency, and public interests are the starting points. Public Tech supports the functioning of a democratic society in which people can meet each other freely and safely.

Why participate?
• You get a better overview of which organizations and initiatives there are in the Netherlands in the field of Public Tech. You will also hear about things that are still in development.
• You get a better idea of ​​which themes will become more important in the coming years.
• You can work on strategic alignment with organizations that pursue similar goals.
• You can discover opportunities to work together on projects, to start up projects together, to work together in communication, to jointly influence government policy, etc.
• You expand your network with people who hold relevant positions within and outside the government.

Target audience
If you feel addressed, you are welcome! In any case, we are looking for collaboration with organizations in the field of Public Tech. The primary target group are those who feel and/or are responsible for the creation of Public Tech. Others are also welcome, if they intend to take the ideas and initiatives further after the meeting.