Mini-symposium Urban Digital Twins

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3.12A/B, Campus Wijnhaven (Turfmarkt 99, Den Haag)

The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for BOLD Cities is inviting you to our mini-symposium on Urban Digital Twins on the 25th of May from 12.00-14.00 at Campus Wijnhaven in The Hague (Turfmarkt 99). During the symposium, four researchers connected to the Centre for BOLD Cities will present their research on urban digital twins. 

Brecht Weerheijm (Leiden University) and Carmen Dymanus (Utrecht University) will tell us about the ethical framework for digital twins that they developed in collaboration with the municipality of The Hague. What is needed to ensure that an urban digital twin meets ethical standards and what are these? And how can other research projects use their insights?

Dr. Carola van Eijk (Leiden University) from our Team Science project on Urban Digital Twins will outline their research trajectory so far and highlight next steps. In their research, the team investigates how urban digital twins are implemented and how inclusive urban digital twins are for the diversity of people, experiences, and politics in the city.

The research of Prof. dr. Roland Ortt (TU Delft/Erasmus University) looks at Digital Twins from a technology adoption perspective. More and more municipalities have adopted a digitalization agenda. As part of that agenda, different technologies such as digital twins are explored, and funding is made available to develop, pilot and apply technologies in the public space. Roland will share how difficult it is to embed a technology like digital twins in different municipalities both on an organizational and a political level.

There will be lots of room for discussion and questions.

Please let us know whether you would like to join the meeting live in The Hague or online one week in advance by emailing . Lunch, coffee and tea will be provided!