Heritages: Past and Present, Built and Social - Prague

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Heritages: Past and Present, Built and Social - A conference on culture, history, art & design

2023 marks the twentieth anniversary of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Heritage. It established culture, communities and local traditions as in need of safeguarding. The intervening years have seen multiple shifts in how we define heritage – as both material objects and social traditions. Today more than ever before, the distinction is blurred. Community traditions are threatened by globalization. Monuments are often focal points for cultural contestation. Archeological sites are valued in themselves and simultaneously erased by both the forces of conflict and ‘progress’.

Exploring measures to protect communities, cultures and neighborhoods alongside the physical setting in which they exist the Czech technical University combines departments of history, sociology and design.

Key dates

Abstracts (early): July 10th, 2022

Abstracts (Round 1): November 25th, 2022