BOLD Cities alumni network

Type: Alumni network

Languague: English

Start: medio 2023

Location: Leiden-Delft-Erasmus

BOLD Cities Alumni Network

The BOLD Cities Alumni Network is organizing all kinds of activities especially for young alumni and offers a lot of benefits. Our alumni network wants to focus on professional and personal development and allowing students to expand their network within the field of smart city projects.

From year to year, minor Smart and SHARED Cities brings together participants with a wide variety of different disciplines. This mix allows for rich exchanges, but also for building an ecosystem that is increasingly representative of the Smart City dynamic.

Indeed, one of our objectives is to equip the future professional with a better understanding of the challenges of the Smart City. One of our wishes is build a community and keeping the dialogue going, by sharing content and exchanging experiences between participants, alumni, researchers and professionals within our field.

In order to support experience and content sharing between alumni (all editions combined), the Centre for BOLD Cities facilitate and promotes dialogue exchange, knowledge sharing, and the replication of best practices. Do you want to be kept updated? Sign up for our network.

We are happy to welcome you to our BOLD Cities community!

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