Data walks

Are you interested in setting up a data walk? We are always willing to help out, but in many cases, it is just as easy to organise a data walk yourself. Using our instruction video and handout, you can go on a walk whenever and with whomever you want.

In the video, which is a co-production with the Knowledge Lab Urban Big Data, Centre for BOLD Cities programme coordinator Luuk Schokker tells you what you need to prepare and which questions are vital for conducting a successful data walk. The handout, which you can download at the bottom of the page, lists the questions and roles that you can use during a walk, to help focus the discussion.

Are you using our method for your data walk? Please let us know about your findings! Which data hubs did you encounter? Which dilemmas popped up in the discussion? We are always curious to find out what people think and say during a data walk.

(The video is currently only available in Dutch, but we will provide subtitles or a translation shortly.)