BOLD Blog: Exploring the future of smart cities through design fiction workshops

In cooperation with design agency Pantopicon, BOLD Cities researcher Emiel Rijshouwer designed a fictional city assembly, situated in 2050. This participatory role-play activity,  entitled 'Installation of the 2050 Assembly for the City of Adrestia', serves as an exercise in thinking about present and future challenges for the (smart) city through imagining the workings of a non-existent urban environment (and government). The Adrestia workshop was first executed at the Beyond Smart Cities Today conference and had its second installment at Statistics Netherlands in November 2019. In this post, Emiel Rijshouwer shares his experiences and insights.

Participatory role-play to explore Smart Cities Beyond Today

One of the purposes of the Beyond Smart Cities Today conference was to imagine and enact radically different smart cities. To address this challenge, the LDE Centre for BOLD Cities and foresight & design studio Pantopicon (B) invited participants of the conference to join a fictional assembly meeting of the fictional city of Adrestia in order to have a futures-driven debate on urban governance issues in a datafied society of the (near) future.