Centre for BOLD Cities contributes to parliamentary Digital Future strategy

On Thursday 28 May 2020, the temporary committee on the Digital future of the Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) presented its final report 'Update required. Towards greater parliamentary control of digitisation'. The committee concluded that the House should establish a standing parliamentary committee for Digital Affairs, starting in the next Cabinet term. Furthermore, it recommends amongst other things that the House should draw up a Digitisation agenda and place additional focus on European Union legislation and how it is shaped.

The Centre for BOLD Cities' academic director Liesbet van Zoonen was asked to contribute to the committee's efforts by submitting an 'academic factsheet'. In this factsheet, Van Zoonen elaborates on the influence of digitisation on public values (and vice versa). Drawing on existing criteria for both ethics and data quality, the academic factsheet outlines a path for further developing the democratic process of (citizen) participation in the digital society.

Source: Tweede Kamer (houseofrepresentatives.nl)

Academic factsheet: 'De invloed van digitalisering op publieke waarden - en vice versa' (Dutch)
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Temporary committee on the Digital future presents final report