Centre for BOLD Cities welcomes PhD candidate Maedeh Nasri

Starting this June, Maedeh Nasri is a PhD candidate at the department of Developmental and Educational Psychology (Institute of Psychology) at Leiden University. Her PhD project is embedded in a larger research project called “Data‐driven, urban policymaking for social inclusion of young, vulnerable people” within the Centre for BOLD Cities, as part of the NWO-funded 'Breaking the cycle' project.

Maedeh NasriWithin this larger project, Maedeh will focus on designing algorithms that extract patterns representing individual and social behaviours of pupils; and their use of space; thus exploring the complex interaction patterns over time and in space of pro-social behaviour and its links with structural and functional developmental changes.  

Maedeh's PhD project will be supervised by Professor Carolien Rieffe, Dr Mitra Baratchi, Dr Sarah Giest (Leiden University) and Dr Alexander Koutamanis (Delft University of Technology).