I do (not) use sharing e-schooters

Do you, or do you NOT make use of sharing e-scooters?

We need just 10 minutes of your time. Visiting Associate Professor Taşkın Dirsehan is researching the acceptance of smart city technologies: shared e-scooters.

People around the world are experiencing new forms of mobility with the rise of shared e-scooters. More recently, e-scooters have grown in popularity, as we can see on university campus. E-scooters are easy to park and can be parked everywhere. They can also replace those short car or OV trips that are just too far to walk.

However, there are also enough reasons to not make use of sharing e-scooters. You might prefer your own means of transport (your bike, scooter or car) or you like to make use of public transport.

We would like to hear from the users and the non-users. Therefore, there are two different surveys, one for the user of sharing e-scooters such as Check, Felyx, and Go Sharing. The other survey is for people who do NOT use sharing e-scooters (you might prefer other means of transportation).

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I am a user of sharing e-scooters such as Check, Felyx, and Go Sharing
I do not use sharing e-scooters