PhD student selected for NWO research project 'Breaking the cycle'

Lisa van Klaveren was selected as the new PhD student in the project titled 'Breaking the cycle: an inclusive school environment outside the classroom for adolescents with ASD'. This multidisciplinary collaboration project is supported by a NWO grant received in July 2018. Van Klaveren has started her PhD under supervision of prof. dr. Carolien Rieffe

The aim of this project is to create and implement an inclusive environment, by analyzing and adapting the physical (built), social, and cultural environment at schools outside the classroom. New means of unobtrusive data collection (e.g., sensory data from Radio Frequency Identification Devices) will be utilized to measure social participation of secondary school students with autism in a pre- and post-test measures design, establishing the effectiveness of a newly developed intervention.

The new PhD candidate Lisa van Klaveren obtained her master's degree in Cognitive Psychology and Psychophysiology at the University of Groningen. Her focus is on social and physical interaction between youth in various settings.  She has been working as a social therapist with children and adolescents with ASD at the Leo Kannerhuis. Momentarily, she is finalizing her research master degree in Arts and Culture.  

BOLD Talks
On April 9 2019, from 11:30 - 16:00,  a meeting and plenary discussion on the sensor data collection will be held. Dr. Daniel Messinger (University of Miami) and Dr. Ed Baines (University College London) will talk about the possibilities and implications of sensor data.  Please inform Lisa van Klaveren, when you are interested in participating:


More information
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