Urban Media Engagement: new BOLD Cities project started

© Mike Wilson (Unsplash)


Linked to the Erasmus Initiative 'Vital Cities and Citizens', the Centre for BOLD Cities adds another project to its research agenda. This month, Anne van Eldik starts her PhD research project on urban media engagement. Van Eldik's project will be supervised by prof. dr. Jeroen Jansz, dr. Julia Kneer, and prof. dr. Liesbet van Zoonen.

Project description

Young people are among the most intensive users of media and digital technology – both in terms of consumption and production. Earlier research has shown that media use among young people can be associated with self-expression, the development of one’s identity, and identifying oneself with various groups. This project focuses on the media consumption and production of young people in Rotterdam, and asks how these activities can contribute to what is called an ‘urban identity’ – an identity that is connected to the city. This question is relevant in today’s multicultural society where young people from different backgrounds do not necessarily identify nationally (being Dutch), but rather identify locally (being a ‘Rotterdammer’). In order to investigate this, both qualitative and quantitative research methods will be used. In collaboration with 'maker space' Bouwkeet in Rotterdam a living lab will be created where young people can actively produce media.