Citizen perspectives on smart urban safety

How do people perceive, experience and react to smart urban safety imaginaries and everyday environments?

Smart city applications in the domain of public safety management (short "smart urban safety") are all around us, but are often unknown to the citizens of a smart city. In order to study citizen's perspectives on smart urban safety, it is necessary to make this concept of smart urban safety come alive to participants. This helps them get an understanding of what smart urban safety is about and how they are already interacting with it.

The project is divided into two phases. 

Phase 1: In co-operation with the City of Rotterdam, the (now defunct) Centre of Excellence in Public Safety Management (CESAM) initiated the research project ‘Managing privacy in a smart city‘. In response to rapidly expanding possibilities for smart urban governance through big data, privacy concerns are emerging both among citizens and government actors. Questions arise in many domains of governance about how to navigate the tensions between efficient service, public safety and privacy. The research project will address these issues by developing a practiced and networked understanding of privacy that allows for different situational and personal privacy needs to be recognized and met in practice.

Phase 2: The second part focuses on the broader perceptions, experiences and reactions of citizens to smart urban safety imaginaries, technologies and environments. This involves the use of speculative methodologies to confront citizens with smart urban safety as an idea, practice and everyday environment, and the use of spontaneous eruptions of public controversy around key technological enablers of smart city visions as instantiations of ‘citizen perspectives on smart cities’.


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