Working paper 6: The Role of Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in Building Trust in Urban Data Platforms

BOLD Cities working paper - Gaffron


Technology is finding its way into cities around the world and offers new, intelligent ways of dealing with urban complexity. In many of these cities, the establishment of an Urban Data Platform represents a central building block on the way to becoming ‘smarter’ as a city. While several European cities have already implemented an Urban Data Platform and made it available to the city’s ecosystem, a recent study shows that user adoption of these platforms is rather low. Further, the same study reveals that trust in the platform by platform users and collaboration between the platform owner and other stakeholders represent important factors, which not only affect the development of these platforms but also their adoption. Building upon these insights, this study explores the relationship between multi-stakeholder collaboration in the development of Urban Data Platforms and trust in Urban Data Platforms.

About the author

Lucas Gaffron wrote this thesis as a master's student of Business Information Management at Erasmus University's Rotterdam School of Management.