Why this program

This program is specially developed for students from Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. The purpose of this minor program is to educate professionals from different fields such social, economic, environmental engineering and political science on the importance of the different aspects in the use of Big, Open and Linked Data within creating the smart and shared city. This program intends to stimulate a reflective mindset, focusing on the interrelation of problems and responsible innovation.

What is unique about the minor Smart and SHARED Cities

Combination of theory and practice

The program combines theory from several obligatory readings with hands-on activities during which students learn by doing. By inviting guest lecturers, this connection to practice is made from the start. Over the course of the minor, students follow a wide range of guest lectures. These include guest lectures from the Municipality of Rotterdam, CBS and artists, as well as companies like BMW or start-ups like Urban Reef.

Combination of individual and group work

Working together with different disciplines is indispensable when trying to find solutions for complex societal problems. During the minor, students learn to contribute to a group project from their own core discipline and are able to integrate different visions within a new idea or product. There is the opportunity for individual input and consolidation of knowledge. The assessments are a blend of individual and group assignments.

Combination of class and field trips

The minor is not based solely on traditional learning where lectures teach students in a classroom. Students will see for themselves how the theoretical concepts they learn about are being applied in different settings and students will work with the material. Interactive teaching methods are used, such as workshops, data science tutorials and field trips. In previous years, students have been to RDM Campus Rotterdam, Smart City Scheveningen and Brainport Eindhoven, among others.

Reasons to choose a Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minor

  1. You will receive multidisciplinary education from three top universities. 
  2. You learn about urgent social issues and new solutions.
  3. You meet students and teachers from different fields of study.
  4. You work on cases of companies, governments, and NGOs.
  5. You build a network in Leiden, The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam.