BOLD Cities game turned into teaching material!

FutureNL, a Dutch non-profit organisation for digital literacy in primary and secondary education, has adopted our BOLD Cities’ research game 'jouw buurt, jouw data' to produce (free) teaching material about 'smart cities'. The teaching material is part of their Digidoeners portfolio and designed to gain insight in what a smart city is and how it affects people. The game forms the basis for various assignments that are made for children in primary school, lower secondary school and the Pabo. Download the material here and here.

DigiDoeners De Slimme Stad

Design a smart city
The teaching kit helps teachers and pupils to explore what a smart city is about. Pupils are also challenged to design a smart city themselves. By doing this, they learn which elements a smart city contains, which data is collected and for which purposes. They will discuss which datapoints (e.g. surveillance cameras, bodycams, drones, shared bikes, Wi-Fi-trackers) they want to use in their smart city. And what the advantages and disadvantages are of such data points. Each lesson has practical assignments, theoretical assignments and alternates between group- and classroom education.

DigiDoener handleiding leerkracht - De slimme stad
DigiDoener lesbrief - De slimme stad