Digital Cities & Communities: Liesbet van Zoonen introduces VSNU Digital Society theme

In a short video, Centre for BOLD Cities academic director Liesbet van Zoonen introduces the themes that form the core of research programme VSNU Digital Society's theme of Digital Cities and Communities.

The Centre for BOLD Cities is heavily involved in the development of this research theme, with our SHARED principles included in the data principles that safeguard the ethics of the research.

About the programme

Digital technology can help to create infrastructure with which to manage urbanisation, population growth, mobility, effects of climate change and transition to greater sustainability. By ‘monitoring citizens’ behaviour, smart cities could optimise urban planning and transport, and utility and community services such as waste collection and law enforcement. Smart cities should provide their own citizens safety and liveability, and interact optimally with surrounding rural communities. These and related societal challenges are addressed in programme line Digital Cities & Communities.

More information
VSNU Digital Society website