De Rotterdam 3D

Disaster management through official and social media

Following contacts with representatives of the Digital City project in Rotterdam and of the Fire Department Rotterdam-Rijnmond, the urban disasters project team: (Monique Arkesteijn, Peter Scholten and Jan Rellermeyer, together with Sobhan Omranian Khorasani and Rebecca Moody) has been developing the foundations of a data-driven approach to fire safety. In this approach, up-to-date information on any building affected by fire and its actual or projected users, including egress routes and times, can become available at city level to the authorities and emergency services in a way that facilitates not only overview and management of the problems but also particular rescue actions of emergency workers. The research team is planning to present and test the approach through an application to a high-density urban area using readily available data, ranging from BIM models to work schedules, to demonstrate how anonymous yet specific information can be collected and utilised in urban disaster management. 

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