Dr. Jiska Engelbert will present during the 2022 ISNGI Conference in Rotterdam

Next week, during The International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure (INSGI) Conference, Dr. Jiska Engelbert (strategic director of the Centre for BOLD Cities) will be presenting during a special session on 'Critical Infrastructure Resilience'. The 2022 edition of the conference will take place on 7, 8 and 9 September in Rotterdam.

ISNGI 2022

ISNGI 2022 invites academics, practitioners and government representatives to share research, visions and experience in the field of infrastructure. The vision of ISNGI is that these parties must collectively inform strategies to successfully meet the next generation infrastructure challenges. The conference focuses on three main themes: Sustainable and resilient infrastructure, Smart and integrated infrastructure and Societal values and infrastructure governance. The event will offer ample opportunity for interaction, dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experience across disciplines and sectors.

Special session 3C: Critical Infrastructure Resilience

The special session during which Jiska will be presenting is organized and facilitated by Prof. dr. Jens Ivo Engels and Dr. Nadja Thiessen from TU Darmstadt in Germany.  In this Session Jiska will be presenting on the topic of 'The Politics of Critical Urban Infrastructures'.  Jiska: “My contribution critically and historically explores the concept of infrastructures in (smart) city development. I will zoom in on who or what are included (and excluded) when we talk about and act upon some (urban) infrastructures as “critical” and, thus, as more important and prone to vulnerability than others”.

In addition to Jiska, during this special session three other themes and  projects will be discussed. Steffen Haesler and Nadja Thiessen (TU Darmstadt) will discuss the 'Self-Organization of Citizens in Crisis: an interdisciplinary approach', Ralitsa Hiteva (University of Sussex) will be presenting on 'Digital transformation, health ageing and independent living: unpacking the inclusion challenges', and Kateryna Zarembo (NaUKMA Kyiv / TU Darmstadt) will be discussing 'Mobile applications and civic resilience in emergency: the case of Russian war against Ukraine'.

The special session is session 3C and will take place on Friday, September 9th at 14:30. Via the link below more information can be found about the conference. Also a link to the page of the special session is attached below.

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Special session 3C: Critical Infrastructure Resilience