Margot Kersing publishes video on the use of data dashboards by work coaches

Margot Kersing, PhD candidate at the Centre for BOLD Cities,  has made a video as a result of their research on the role of 'work-coaches' on the implementation of dashboards. This video clearly explains how the implementation of dashboards can influence the ways of working within a company, such as the municipality of Rotterdam, and the other way around; how people's way of working influence the dashboard that is used. The ways in which dashboards are implemented currently could be organized differently to use more of their potential and to make working with it pleasant for all types of co-workers, such as the 'Sasha' and 'Dani' characters. 

Note: The video is intended for the respondents of the study and work coaches more generally. The language of the video is therefore Dutch, but we have provided English subtitles. 

(NL): Hoe gebruiken werkcoaches het data dashboard op de afdeling Werk en Inkomen van de gemeente Rotterdam? En hoe kan het gebruik van het data dashboard binnen een team verder worden geoptimaliseerd om verschillende werkstijlen te accommoderen? In deze video deelt Margot Kersing de inzichten uit hun empirisch onderzoek met werkcoaches.



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