New HOVO-course: Big Data and the City

Big Data is one of the most important keywords for a successful application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The more data there is, the more there is to learn, to compare and to discover. At first glance, this seems logical, but the number of pitfalls is countless. There are a number of things we have to take into consideration with AI-research.

Starting in November 2022, BOLD Cities and Leiden University are offering a HOVO (Hoger Onderwijs voor Ouderen)-course on Big Data and the City (in Dutch). In six weeks different topics are discussed, such as the privacy and ethical concerns related to the use of big data, the role of the government; citizen's perspective on big data and the implications for urban surveillance.

BOLD Cities former board member prof. dr. Jaap van den Herik (Leiden University) gives an introductory lecture on the origin of big data, the advantages and disadvantages and sketches a timeline. Current board member prof. dr. ing. Bram Klievink will give an insight into big data and the government, give examples of a data-driven government and talk about the features of smart city developments. BOLD Cities researcher Vivien Butot will highlight the citizen perspectives and discuss the implications of urban surveillance.

Other researchers involved are dr. Els de Busser (Universiteit Leiden), Gerrit-Jan Zwenne (Universiteit Leiden), dr. Stefan Buijsman (TU Delft) and dr. Michiel de Lange (Universiteit Utrecht).

HOVO-Courses at the University of Leiden are open to everyone above the age of 50. Students and staff at the University of Leiden younger than 50 years are also able to attend the course. For other possibilities to join see the requirements on the Leiden University website.

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