Data Empowerment Design Studio #2 - A more democratic, inclusive and resilient Afrikaanderwijk 2040

In this project Emiel Rijshouwer (Erasmus University) and Els Leclercq (Delft University of Technology) organised and hosted a Data Empowerment Design Studio in which a wide variety of stakeholders partook to co-creatively develop imaginaries of a more democratic, inclusive and resilient Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam-Zuid.

Groep van bewoners Afrikaanderwijk in gesprek

A (Data) Empowerment Design Studio uses co-creative future- and design-driven action research methods to to investigate how citizens and other relevant stakeholders feel more structural decision-making power appropriate with regard to development and governance of the (smart) city.

In the period from the end of 2021 - beginning 2022 researchers Rijshouwer and Leclercq developed with the help of Pantopicon (studio for foresight and design) and together with citizens, local entrepreneurs, artists and community workers of the Afrikaanderwijk Coöperatie future images of how a democratic, inclusive and resilient Afrikaanderwijk could look like in 2040. Innovative, alternative, sustainable and local forms of economic, social and ecological value creation were of central importance.

This research was conducted as part of the wider research project Shared Cities, Smart Citizens, a collaboration between Waag, Utrecht University and the Centre for BOLD Cities.