Reintegration in BOLD cities I & II

Reintegration in BOLD Cities I

Reintegration in BOLD cities I, a project co-funded by ZonMW, revolves around researching the possibility of designing personalised reintegration strategies, based on the individual capabilities of urban residents who are entitled to benefits. These strategies will be developed through pseudonymised linkage of various data sources.

In addition, the project includes the development of 'data dialogues', an instrument that is designed to clarify the research process and to collect questions, concerns and input from the urban residents in question. 

For this project, the Centre for BOLD Cities team collaborates with the municipalities of Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam. The city of Rotterdam serves as pilot city for the project.

Reintegration in BOLD Cities II

Reintegration in BOLD Cities II is the follow-up project of part one and funded by ZonMW. Read more on the project page on the ZonMW website through the link above.