Achilleas Psyllidis launches Social Distancing Dashboard

How can we design public space to facilitate social distancing? In a society where social distance is the (temporary) norm, urban dilemmas will inevitably arise. Do we need to adapt the design of public space to effectively create a "1,5 meter society"? In order to help answer these questions, BOLD Cities-affiliated researcher Achilleas Psyllidis and his colleagues at Delft University of Technology and the AMS Institute recently launched a Social Distancing Dashboard. The dashboard creates city maps that show if social distance rules can be respected when moving in public space, both on street and neighbourhood level.

Social Distancing Dashboard

In the video, Achilleas Psyllidis joins a Pakhuis de Zwijger programme to introduce and explain the Social Distancing Dashboard. He participates in a discussion about necessary changes in metropolitan areas (due to the coronavirus) and about the role of science in contributing to innovative solutions. 

Source: Pakhuis de Zwijger