Yes or no to corona apps? What do citizens think?

At Sociale Vraagstukken, the Dutch online publication for science-based articles and discussions on societal issues, Centre for BOLD Cities' academic director Liesbet van Zoonen joins forces with Gerard van der Werf, head of research agency Motivaction, to look into citizens' ideas about the possible use of a corona app to help eradicate the COVID-19 virus.

Screenshot of the article

In the article, Van Zoonen and Van der Werf examine survey data on citizens' opinions on how to handle the virus. Having asked questions in various stages of the discussion surrounding the development of a corona app, including the failed attempt to kickstart the process during a so-called 'appathon', they follow the privacy concerns and priorities that Dutch citizens express in these surveys.

The full article (in Dutch) is available on the Sociale Vraagstukken website. A translated version (in PDF) can be downloaded below.

Working paper #5 (Van Zoonen & Van der Werf) - A corona app, yes or no.pdf (259.7 KB)
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Sociale Vraagstukken: Wel of niet een corona-app?