'Jouw buurt, jouw data' data set now accessible online

The publicly accessible data set with all available results on our gamified survey 'Jouw buurt, jouw data' ('Your Neighbourhood, Your Data') has been published online on the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) DANS platform. The data set consists of all (anonymous) input that has been shared by players throughout The Netherlands, who participated in the research game since its publication in September 2018. 

In October 2019, the 'Jouw buurt, jouw data' already released an online publication on the game and its results, which is available in both Dutch and English. This publication also focuses on steps that municipalities and other governmental institutions might take in other to further citizens' awareness of data and privacy practices in the public urban space.

DANS, an acronym for Data Archiving and Networked Services, supports research institutions in properly storing and sharing their data. Its EASY system, where the 'Jouw buurt, jouw data' data set is stored, serves as an online archive for depositing and reusing research data.

More information
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