'Jouw buurt, jouw data' team releases publication on research game

After a year of research, design and activities, the team behind the Centre for BOLD Cities' research game Jouw buurt, jouw data officially released its first publication on the game this week at the Rotterdam Knowledge Festival.

Liesbet van Zoonen and Vincent Roozen
Liesbet van Zoonen presents the publication on Jouw buurt, jouw data at the Rotterdam Knowledge Festival.

In the publication, core team members Liesbet van Zoonen, Emiel Rijshouwer, Els Leclercq and Luuk Schokker, along with Fadi Hirzalla and Sarah Giest, explain how the research game came about and what the team learned about Dutch citizens' knowledge and behaviour in/about the smart city,  and explore how municipalities can make use of these findings.

The publication (currently available in Dutch only) can be accessed online. If you are interested in receiving a physical copy, please reach out so that we can send it to you.

More information
Online version of the 'Jouw buurt, jouw data' publication