On this page, you can find an overview of the Centre for BOLD Cities' current projects. Please visit the project pages for more detailed information on the projects and team members.


Data Empowerment Design Studio

What problems and opportunities do residents see when it comes to societal challenges? And how does (the use of) data come into play when we address these issues? In this project, BOLD Cities researchers team up with citizens and local initiatives to…
© Gaddafi Rusli (Unsplash)

Breaking the Cycle

This NWO-funded project focuses on using data to help create an inclusive school environment outside the classroom for adolescents with autism.
Digital literacy in the public library (© Geralt/Pixabay)

Digital literacy in the public library

In this project, researchers will create a digital concept map of the skills, knowledge and competences that digital illiterates perceive as most urgent and helpful within their everyday life.
© Longxiang Qian (Pexels)

Big Data and Citizen Engagement in Urban Health Labs

The ‘urban lab’ is increasingly used as a site for experimentation. Are these labs actually able to give citizens more voice in decision-making, or do they rather amplify the voices of citizens that are already expressed through other channels?
© Ben Sweet/Banter Snaps (Unsplash)

Urban Media Engagement

This research project focuses on the media consumption and production of young people in Rotterdam, and asks how these activities can contribute to what is called an ‘urban identity’ – an identity that is connected to the city.
© Miguel Bruna (Unsplash)

Data empowerment in the smart city

The aim of the data empowerment project is to create insights and tools for increasing citizens' awareness and empowerment with regard to the datafication of the public space.
Big Data for Youth Policy (© image: Tom Barrett/Unsplash)

Big data for youth policy

The 'Big data for youth policy' project revolves around the possible use of big, open and linked data for determining how to recover ‘invisible youth’, i.e. unemployed, unregistered young people that are not enrolled in an education programme.