Working papers

Working papers

On this page, you will find working papers by members of our academic community. Written for various purposes and in cooperation with multiple institutions, the Centre for BOLD Cities working papers provide insights into the different topics that our affiliated researchers in the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus universities are working on.

  Working paper 11 - Holy privacy                                                                                                                           

Cover working paper 11-2

Working paper 12 - Ethical Dilemmas of Using Big Data in Social Welfare Administration

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  Working paper 9 - Who's running (in) the city?                                                      

Cover working paper 9

 Working paper 8 - Public values or public conflict: Democratic foundations for the smart city

Cover working paper 8

 Working paper 7 - Value Creation through Urban Data Platforms: A Conceptual Framework

Working paper 7

 Working paper 6 - How big data are changing the cities 

Working paper 6

 Working paper 5 - A corona app: yes or no?                                                      

Working paper 5

 Working paper 4 - The Use of Forums and Blogs by Dutch Teen Mothers 

Working paper 4

 Working paper 3 - How big data are changing the cities 

Working paper 3

 Working paper 2 - Your neighbourhood, your data                                                         

Working paper 2: Your neighbourhood, your data

  Working paper 1 - The Need for a Digital Environmental Strategy

Working paper #1 - the need for a digital Environmental Strategy